Why Choose College Golf Placement as a partner?

College Golf Placement is committed to providing aspiring junior golfers who have the goal of playing NCAA golf with best in class professional guidance, personal support and service. Athletes and families who choose to partner with College Golf Placement will benefit from our experience, expertise, passion and the relationships /connections that we have established with college coaches.

How Does College Golf Placement Work?

Interested athletes and their families schedule a 30 minute complimentary phone meeting with Henry Brunton. When an athlete decides to be a client of CGP:

· We create an online profile for the athlete- bio, stats and video. NCAA Coaches have access to view our profiles- we invite them to do so.

· We have an in depth interview with the athlete to create a personalized NCAA Performance Plan- determine the specific future goals of the athlete; where they are at present on the development pathway athletically and academically. We create a written plan with specific strategies recommended for them- measurable benchmarks.

· We work in partnership with the athlete’s golf coach, fitness trainer and other support personnel to get results.

· We work ongoing to support the efforts of the athlete- introduce them to suitable potential collegiate coaches as their skill and results merits.

· We communicate ongoing throughout the process – honest and open feedback and support.

Is there a Guarantee?

Complete satisfaction with the services and support provided by College Golf Placement is unconditionally guaranteed.

Is this a Coaching Program?

No. We provide guidance and support to the personal coaches and all support personnel involved with the athlete so that they can reach their goals.

Do you promise golf scholarships?

No. We promise to provide the best support and guidance possible to each client so that they can be exposed to the best opportunities for which they may be qualified as a collegiate student-athlete.

What makes us unique?

We care about people. Our experience, passion, expertise and integrity is well known throughout the golf industry. We want all of our clients to be the best that they can be on and off the course.

Is Henry Brunton personally involved with Clients?

Yes. Henry Brunton is the leader of this company. He is completely committed to providing all clients with the best service and support possible. Henry is personally accessible to all CPC clients.

What percentage of any scholarship assistance do you take as a commission?



"Henry provided my son and I with reliable information and guidance throughout the process of establishing his eligibility for college golf. During my son's high school years, Henry mentoredand encouraged his golf development while providing constructive feedback and dependable support. I always felt complete trust in Henry, and was comforted that through his extensive network of contacts, schools were considered for how well they "fit" my son, not just in terms of golf development but also academically and personally. Henry has been instrumental in making my son's dream come true. He is playing college golf!"

Mrs. B

"I have known Henry Brunton for 3 years after first making contact for the purpose of having my son evaluated for his ability to compete in college golf. Henry gave us a very sincere assessment pointing out the positives of my son’s game and was very up front on what he really needed to work on to get to the college golf level. Henry helped my son establish a plan. He laid the groundwork and corresponded with college coaches on our behalf. Upon meeting with the coach of my son’s chosen school, he was quick to point out that Henry’s word on my son was as good as gold. Our family cannot thank Henry enough for his guidance and the realization of my son achieving an NCAA Division 1 Golf Scholarship!

Dr. C

"The year before my son started working with Henry Brunton, he was unable to win the Junior Championship at our home club. Two years later,he signed a golf scholarship with a university rated in the top 40 in the world.

Not only is Henry an outstanding coach but he worked tirelessly contacting Universities that matched my son's interests and his skill set. Having spoken to many coaches across America I can tell you that an introduction by Henry Brunton will put your child's golf resume to the top of any coach's list.If your child has a serious interest in golf and wants to play at the collegiate level, I would highly recommend Henry Brunton."

Mr. A

"I have known Henry Brunton for over a decade. He knows his stuff and he understands what it takes to be a successful student/athlete on scholarship in the United States. "He clearly understands the NCAA landscape, the expectations that colleges and universities have for young golfers and he is connected to the key golf coaches across the country.”

NCAA Elite DI Men's Coach- Name and College Withheld Due to NCAA Regulations